The Part 107 Rule changes quite a few things, however, the most notable change will be the mandatory certification of drone operators which includes security vetting by TSA. By law, the FAA has 60 days to fully implement the Rule which means that around mid-August, the FAA will have the process up and running and all commercial drone operators will need to initiate compliance efforts at that time. Please refer to the FAA’s website for the complete Rule, associated Advisory Circular, and information concerning additional developments at Berkley Aviation will require all drone operators to conduct commercial flights under either the Part 107 Rule or their Section 333 exemption if they have one; they may not operate under both.

This Rule is a step in the right direction as far as regulating the commercial use of drones and integrating drone operators – especially those with little or no prior aviation training – into our complicated airspace system. Please contact either Robin Carbone or Jody Craig for UAS coverage options and information concerning our newly launched Berkley Flight automated quoting and policy issuance system designed specifically for the UAS market.