Berkley Aviation offers third party liability, physical damage and payload coverage for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) for commercial operators who are compliant with the FAA Part 107 Rule or who are in possession of a current, valid Section 333 Exemption.  Berkley Aviation is a premier underwriting market for UAV insurance and offers a wide range of coverage options for commercial drone operations.

Berkley Aviation has introduced new lower rates for the UAV product line effective May 1, 2018.

Please login to your Berkley Flight account in order to take advantage of these new lower rates.  For appointed Berkley Aviation brokers who do not yet have access to the online broker quoting and policy issuance portal, Berkley Flight, please contact either Jody Craig at or Robin Carbone at .

Coverage territory remains Worldwide and Certificates of Insurance are issued free of charge.

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UAV/UAS Commercial Use coverage*

*Coverage not available for hobby, recreation, chemical spraying, deployment of objects or racing

Available Coverages for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Third Party Liability (BI/PD) $1m/CSL to $100m/CSL**

**Limits in excess of $2m/CSL are subject to underwriter evaluation and approval

UAV and Payload Physical Damage

Included UAV / UAS Coverages

Pilots as approved by the Named Insured***

***Must be in compliance with either the FAA Part 107 Rule or a current, valid Section 333 Exemption

Medical Expense $5,000 Each Person and $50,000 Each Occurrence

Premises Liability

Worldwide Coverage Territory

Personal Injury (Policy Limits up to $25m )

Bodily Injury (Mental Anguish)

War Liability

War Physical Damage (with purchase of UAV Physical Damage)

Fire Damage to Premises (Limits up to $100,000)


Optional Coverages for UAV / UAS Insurance

TRIA Liability
TRIA Physical Damage


Multi Unit Discount Available


Appointed UAV brokers who have access to Berkley Flight  have the ability to generate quotes and issue UAV policies in MINUTES!

Appointed brokers who do not currently have access to Berkley Flight may contact Robin Carbone or Jody Craig (below) for more information.

Payment Options

Agency Bill or Credit Card


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