Our competitive advantage lies in two areas. First and foremost, is our commitment to providing the highest level of customer service. Second, is the unique approach we take to meeting the distinctive needs of our clients. Whether through technical innovation or the creation of a specialized coverage, we continually break the mold by offering products that are tailored to fit our clients’ needs. The close relationships that we enjoy with our clients are the result of many years of nurturing by industry-respected professionals with long-term experience, and an excellent service record that our producers and policyholders appreciate and have come to expect from us.

Berkley Aviation President

Peter Jarrett
President, Global Practice Leader
Phone: 678-987-1755

Santa Barbara Crew


Shel Huston
Senior Vice President
Phone: 805-898-7642

Gary Feramisco
Vice President
Phone: 805-898-7646

Peter Barnes
Vice President
Phone: 805-898-7657

Tony Park
Assistant Vice President
General Aviation
Phone: 805-898-7661

Robin Camacho
Phone: 805-898-7662

Kadie Burg
Underwriting Coordinator
Phone: 805-898-7654

Stewart Gude
Underwriter Assistant
Phone: 805-898-7669

Alice Winkle
Underwriter Assistant
Phone: 805-898-7674

Julia Randolph
Underwriter Assistant
Phone: 805-898-7644


Janice Roberts
Accounting Manager
Phone: 805-898-7672

Joanie Vogel
Office Manager
Phone: 805-898-7640

Atlanta Crew


Kris Parsons
Vice President
Southeastern Region
Phone: 678-987-1757

Scott Setzer
Vice President
South Regional Manager
Phone: 678-987-1758

Jody Craig
Assistant Vice President
Technical Underwriter
Phone: 678-987-1756

Robin Carbone
Phone: 678-987-1754

Dara Harrison
Underwriter Assistant
Phone: 678-987-1753

Boston Crew


Terry White
Vice President
General Aviation
Northeast Regional Manager
Phone: 617-747-4144

Zack Boukram
Phone: 617-747-4145

Melissa Perkins
Underwriter Assistant
Phone: 617-747-4143

Claims Crew

Christopher R. Watkins
Vice President
Phone: 678-987-1751

Naji Malek
Assistant Vice President
Phone: 404-443-2280

Lauren Sova
Claims Specialist
Phone: 805-898-7656

IT Operations

Shayna M. Dyer
IT Operations Manager
Phone: 678-812-9369