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Non-Owned Aviation Liability

Berkley Aviation has been a leader in the Non-Owned segment since our inception 10 years ago. We have always prided ourselves with our extensive knowledge in the segment and our ability to develop new coverages. We position ourselves to handle issues that become relevant in our changing market, watching the industry to make sure that we provide our clients with state of the art coverages.

Recently the FAA has defined Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as “aircraft.” This has made us re-evaluate the coverage offered in our Non-Owned policy. Do we intend to cover UAVs in our Non-Owned policy? Are the existing definitions accurate based on new changes being made? Are we able to identify differences in use that may present themselves with the widespread operation of drones?

There are hundreds of thousands of drones being sold every year. We know that many owners are using their UAVs on company business, and in many cases, they are not advising their company’s risk manager. This activity is leaving the company with potential coverage gaps. This is where our enhancement to our insurance product comes into play. Going forward, we will be offering $1,000,000 of coverage for Non-Owned UAVs on all of our Non-Owned policies. This is our effort to ensure that our clients know that their aviation exposures are being evaluated and new products are being delivered to protect their assets.

If you have any questions on the Non-Owned coverage extension for UAVs please contact our Non-Owned department. Diane Beane (Western Regional Manager) or Robin Camacho.

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